SummerTime training

Learn barbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight skills that will make you stronger, faster, more powerful and help you dominate your sport.

Summertime athletes

Our Student Athlete class is geared towards making sure you learn the fundamentals of strength training and helping you to feel confident in the weight room. 


The emphasis is on strength, power and movement quality.

Though the program is geared towards student athletes, it will benefit any student interested in strength training.

You'll be able to learn from a former Division I Student Athlete who knows what it's like to be in a training room and also knows the instruction that is needed to make us perform at our best.


Class Times:



The Power of Strength

(benefits of strength training)

decrease chance of injury

joint stability

alleviate pain

improve balance

better posture

regularize metabolism

muscle retention

improve sport  performance

cognitive improvement

return to sport

increase mobility

increase muscle tone