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strength den session

Strength Training Is Healthcare

Strength Den was established in Mill Valley, California in 2018. Strength Den was created to be a space where you can become physically and mentally stronger and more mobile, all while having a great time listening to good tunes. Community has always been our focus which is why we offer personal training done in a semi-private setting. This means that we coach up to four people at a time every hour. Each individual has a personalized training program that is meant to meet them where they are and help guide them to where they want to go. The semi-private setting allows for a more social setting where everyone can be motivated by others around them working towards their goals. Our coaches are continuously attending workshops, courses, and certifications to stay current on the current literature. This helps to ensure that we continue to deliver great service that reflects the current science. We believe strength training is preventative healthcare and we take this task seriously. Whether you're a high-performing athlete, someone looking to begin their fitness routine, or somewhere in between strength will help you live the life you want to live.

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