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Our Training options

Choose between our team training,

semi-private or program design membership options

Group Classes

1-2 times per week


Our classes are designed to build you up instead of break you down


The emphasis is on strength, power and movement quality


Can be scaled up or down depending on where you are on your fitness journey


Fun training environment full of high fives laughter and good ol' hard work


You’ll get the results you’re looking for, have fun while doing it, and you’ll never be bored


Team Training Times:

Mondays & Wednesdays at 9am

Investment: $35 per class





1-2 sessions per week

Custom program designed to maximize your results


We combine strength, mobility, power, flexibility, and endurance into a seamless program just for you


Every time you come into the Strength Den you will be with a coach who will help guide you through your session


There may be a few other clients performing their programs as well, making for a fun training environment


$400-$800 per month (month to month, you are not stuck in a long term contract)

The Power of Strength

(benefits of strength training)

decrease chance of injury

joint stability

alleviate pain

improve balance

better posture

fight arthritis

regularize metabolism

muscle retention

slow down aging process

improve sport  performance

make everyday tasks  easier

cognitive improvement

return to sport

increase mobility

increase muscle tone

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