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"I hadn't worked out at all for about 2 years when I joined a local gym two years ago that was offering a 21-day jump start program. I was 52 years old and menopause was kicking my butt. Denzel was one of the first trainers I had in the program, and he was the one assigned to me most consistently throughout the 21 days.

This program changed my life in that it changed the way I viewed exercise, and Denzel had a large role in that. I had joined and quit a million gyms over the decades, and this is the first gym I have joined and stayed with - even after Denzel moved all the way across the country!

Working out with Denzel, he focused so much on form. This is what made a huge difference for me, that he spent so much time making sure that my form was correct. I was able to see changes in my body in a short period of time, because we worked hard on doing everything right. I am one of the few people I know who can actually do a Turkish get up correctly, and it's all thanks to Denzel!

He also was a trainer who listened to me. In my third week of the program, after working out 6 days a week for two straight weeks, my body was fried. He met me for a session, and immediately knew something wasn't right. So instead of running me through the workout that had been planned, he spent the hour with me stretching. Stretching everything. Using rollers and tennis balls and bands, Denzel made sure that I understood the importance of resting and stretching your muscles as well as working them.​

Denzel really gets the credit for creating such a great foundation for me that has kept me active and engaged at my gym for more than 2 years!"


- Elissa Bass, Mystic

"I’ve been working with Denzel for 3 months to try to regain strength after two major back surgeries a few years ago. Because my back has a lot of metal holding it together it is completely inflexible. While protecting my back I’ve let the rest of my body become very de-conditioned.
Denzel has done more to help in 3 months than 10 yrs of PT, chiropractors, water aerobics, exercise classes, acupuncture, chronic pain management groups, walking and on and on. He is slowly and competently building my body back up. He pays close attention to my movements and sometimes by tiny adjustments relieves whatever pain I’m having from the position. I never believed I’d be able to move so freely again. I’m already much stronger. I look forward to my M-W-F workouts all week. I finally have HOPE that I’ll be able to return to some of the activities I’ve abandoned along the way due to pain and weakness."

- Ginny Walters, Mill Valley

"I've gone to semi-private workouts at Strength Den for a year and cannot recommend the program highly enough. Denzel has built a customized training plan for me, focused on total body strength and mobility all geared towards getting me back to competing at former D1 level in golf now in my mid-30s. Not only have I seen amazing improvement in speed and stamina on the course, but have completely gotten rid of nagging shoulder and back injuries and am more confident applying my new strength to any athletic pursuit. Even my day-to-day body positioning and awareness has improved.

The gym itself is the perfect setup to focus and improve each week. Denzel changes my workout frequently to keep pushing my limits, and is amazing at refining basic techniques I've done for many years with other coaches (bench press, squats, etc) as well as slowly incorporating news ones that are on the cutting edge of my sport's fitness training, consistent with what I've seen the top pro athletes doing. The available times are perfect to suit my schedule, and whether I book a session in the morning or night and whether I'm alone or with a couple of other people I get a ton out of each session physically and mentally with his constant coaching and feedback."


- Alex Bon, Mill Valley

"I began working with Denzel in January 2017.  When we met, I was an out of shape former college athlete who had struggled multiple times to get back into my old form due to the stress of work and the general lifestyle that accompanies living in NYC.  There is no easy way to get back on the horse or get to the next level, but Denzel has a soft spoken approach that inspires personal motivation and confidence.  Because of his passion and personality, he has the unique capability to connect with his students and earn their trust and respect.  His ability to understand my goals, my body, as well as my lifestyle were communicated through a knowledgeable and thoughtful training regimen that was designed just for me.  Through the process, I had good weeks and cheat weeks, but Denzel always kept me track and gave me the desire to hold myself personally accountable.  While working with Denzel, I achieved incredible results and regained confidence in my health that I had let work and my lifestyle take from me.  It's essential to have great people around you to help you be your best self, and I am fortunate to have gotten to work with and become friends with Denzel."


- Stephen Harrington, New York

"I had the pleasure of working with Denzel for almost 3 years. I started at the gym at a time when I was worried about being unable to go up and down the stairs with knee problems and not having the balance needed to feel comfortable going up on a ladder.  I was turning 50 soon and felt that I was too young to feel this old.  


I worked one on one with Denzel as he guided me to completely transform my body. I lost approximately 30lbs, felt stronger, younger and had much more endurance than I thought possible. He was a stickler for proper technique while performing the exercises and always demonstrated each exercise to be done. He really focused on core stabilization and overall strength, which were exactly what I needed. Denzel’s workouts never got stale; he kept them challenging and fun.  With my knee problems Denzel was able to modify easily to still work on the muscle group intended. The strength I gained in my legs allowed me to put off knee replacement surgery until I found the right surgeon for me and I was physically fit enough that the surgeon felt I was a good candidate for bi-lateral replacement.  I came through surgery remarkably well!


Denzel was always striving to better himself so he could better help his clients. He would take classes on new techniques and he received his certification in kettlebell training. He is a kind, personable man that I really enjoyed working out with. There is no doubt that I would HIGHLY recommend Denzel as a trainer!"


- Lisa Stevens, Mystic

"Working with Denzel has been absolutely amazing. I came in with some unresolved back pain which prevented me from being as active and competitive as I like to be. Denzel spent the time to carefully understand what my body needed to be able to get back to that place. He structured unique and challenging exercises for me that targeted the areas that needed strengthening. Everything was carefully explained and he was always able to demonstrate to make sure I understood proper form. 


In addition to physical work we discussed diet and game plan to make sure I was fueling my body correctly. I’d highly recommend working with Denzel if you get the chance. He will take the time to best understand you and your needs and structure a program to yield the results you are after."


- Matt Kraus, New York

I worked with Denzel for approximately 2.5 yrs as a private client at Advantage Personal Training. Denzel helped me to develop and achieve realistic fitness goals while learning to reach deeper and expect more of myself. Denzel sets a great example through his own behaviors. He was always prepared for each workout with a challenging workout designed to advance me toward my current goals. At the same time he was always able to change on the fly if the day's plan wasn't working. Denzel exhibits tremendous self discipline and professionalism at all times.


Denzel is constantly reading, attending classes and spending time with other fitness professionals in an effort to provide his clients with a well thought out, educated and comprehensive program. His expertise far exceeds that of general strength training. He is well versed in nutrition, recovery from injury and how to overcome the mental obstacles that prevent us from attaining our goals. I highly recommend Denzel Allen to anyone who is looking to achieve overall physical fitness, better health and a positive outlook.

- Linda Kosta, Mystic

"Denzel is a magician! I came in wanting to get stronger and more toned, without getting buffed and bulky, and I have achieved so much more than that! I am stronger now than I ever imagined I could be and have beaten two injuries - one from running, the other from skiing. And he whipped my posture and balance into shape while he was at it. Best investment I have ever made."


- Claire Conway, Mill Valley

Denzel Allen's breadth of knowledge and brilliant approach are nonpareil, and I am exceptionally grateful to be working with and learning from him, and getting stronger thanks to his expertise.

After 25 years of casual marathoning, strength training, boot camping, mountain biking, TRXing, and engaging in myriad forms of exercise (with a lot of hubristic poor-forming along the way) I've recently suffered a raft of serial injuries that took most fitness modalities off the menu. Yeah. Crummy.

Enter Denzel and The Strength Den.

I first began working with Denzel shortly after being diagnosed with a torn disc in my lower back. He crafted a personalized training plan for me, and with his guidance I have not only been able to continue to maintain strength as I recover from my injury, but I have also been able to build more strength in the process—by learning *truly* proper form and by unlearning, with his nuanced guidance, patterning that has likely exacerbated/led to my injuries. He's constantly changing up the workouts and is always deeply attuned to my strengths and limitations, which vary from day to day, and I appreciate his stalwart commitment to keeping my form on point.

Denzel's super personalized attention, rooted in his wisdom and experience that says anybody can build and maintain strength—and every single body is different—is particularly important for me not only as a person negotiating injury but also as a fifty-year-old woman. I'm not interested in "killing it" or "crushing it" at the gym or in faddish workouts or vapid health club scenes. What I'm interested in is staying strong, and staying strong smart—for life.

Lucky for me, that's precisely what Denzel is helping me to do—and what you, too, will find in the Strength Den community!

- Kris Grossman, Mill Valley

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