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Mill valley | Personal Training | Group Classes

OUR mission

To Build A Strong Inclusive Community Full Of Resilient Humans

Our goal is to help those who are active to remain active as they get older and to help those who haven't been active to become active and to enjoy moving their bodies again. We do this through a holistic movement approach during personal training sessions.

Strength Den is a Private Fitness Facility where you won’t have to worry about a crowd, the focus will always be you, the student.


Here at Strength Den we believe in assessing all of our students. Finding out their goals, past workout history and any obstacles that have shown up along the way helps create the perfect personal training experience. 


Strength Den is a great place for those who want to become or already are serious about their health and fitness. Strength Den wants to change the way fitness is done. No matter your age, gender, race, being strong is a trait that benefits us all.



The best functional strength training ever! Denzel has designed a program for overall strength while also helping me find ways to address back pain. I feel like I’ve made so much progress. Highly recommended!!!

- Sue Whitaker



Free intake session to get to know you, your current goals and past training experience to help figure out the best path for you

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